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This site is still very much under development. The best of the site so far is in this section.

Glenn’s earliest ventures

NEW The Sun Sentinel in 1985 reported on Glenn’s attempts to win his grandfather’s old council seat.

Glenn’s Blue Period

Glenn has stated many times that his involvement in the porn industry was incidental to his legal work and ended in 2004, exactly 100 years after Picasso’s Blue Period ended and also lasting just 2-3 years.
Can this be true?

The Canadian Government Position

Paul Calandra, likely informed by Canadian Intelligence, described him as a
former porn industry executive.

Nearly Eight Years

One person we can check with is Jake Jaxson, his former business partner. He doesn’t say anything about two years. And the documents support Jason.

Jason Sketchy pages

NEW Jake Jaxson’s real name is Jason Buchtel, but we just call him Jason Sketchy

Glenn’s forgotten websites

We host our own reconstructions of some of Glenn’s lost websites. I don’t expect he will be grateful for their rediscovery.

These are constructed almost entirely based on material from the Wayback Machine but with faster and more reliable navigation, and fewer dead links.

RioGayGuides and RioMaleEscorts

A reconstruction of sites Glenn and David set up in Brazil in 2005.

Rio Gay Guides Banner

Starring David Miranda

Rio Male Escorts Banner

David's ex-friends (R-Rated)

StudMall - Fuck The Pain Away

David's own blog page

HX articles: Glenn’s porn tips

Cheap Trixx was the leading gay listings magazine in New York City for most of the 90s and 00s.

In February 2005, the very same week that Glenn and David “met on the beach” in Rio; back in NYC, HX published an article by an unknown writer and “resting” lawyer, Glenn Greenwald.

How did you ever manage without its handy advice?

DON’T forget about the sound. If you’re shooting in New York, close your windows! Nothing is worse than the sound of hot sex being drowned out by sirens, passing buses and couples fighting next door.

Read it here: Cheap Trixxx by Glenn Greenwald

Published Articles about Greenwald’s porn empire

New York Daily News article: Glenn Greenwald was once lawyer sued over porn business Alternative Link here

May 2021 article in Washington Babylon

You Remember Carlos Danger, Right?

David Miranda - Director and Custodian of Records

R or X-rated links

David Miranda’s porn direction career really took off at exactly the same time as Glenn moved to Brazil.

One major porn catalog lists him as director for eight movies

The Gay Erotic Video Index Studmall listing has some interesting surprises.
Especially the box covers.

This can get a little complicated. Branding is not consistent, catalogs are not perfectly accurate, and Tattooed Tops multiple box covers can exist for the same movie. Here’s a genuine box cover for Tattooed Tops although you won’t find it in the list I just mentioned. David Miranda, 2010.

What’s Glenn’s Best Movie?

We’re not really a movie review site.
More of a This Movie Really Exists and Glenn Really Produced It? site.

New But since you asked, we’re currently fond of this.

Other Lies

There cover all conceivable subjects. Some are mentioned in Twitter Threads about Glenn

But one deserves singling out. Does Glenn have a Pulitzer?


A number of allegations appeared on the Brazilian site in 2019. The site is no longer active but most of the articles are preserved on the Internet Archive.
Although we have been unable to confirm key parts of these, they contain many details which we have verified and were not at all widely known.

RZ’s NYC story: A sexual predator named Glenn Greenwald, Part 1

RZ’s escape: A sexual predator named Glenn Greenwald, Part 2

Raul in Rio: Glenn Greenwald’s ex-actor talks about his adult films

More Information

There are much more comprehensive details on Twitter, although spread over many months and many, many tweets. We are building a list of some starting points on Twitter here: Twitter Threads about Glenn Updated

Keira Knightley Guest Appearance

This only specific link this has with Glenn is that it’s very creepy. But we need somewhere to put a video Google appear to be trying very hard to hide.

Weinstein-Zuckerberg party for one

Under Development