This is the text of an article that first appeared in Agora Parana (in Portuguese) in 2019, and subsequently in several other Brazilian newspapers.
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Congressman David Miranda was an escort and sold drugs in a gay nightclub in Rio de Janeiro

He also enticed gay men to act in Greenwald’s pornographic films for a fee of one thousand reals. The amount could go up if the young men agreed to have sex without a condom in front of the cameras. We talked to two of them.

Friend of the dancer Lacraia, PSOL deputy David Miranda, sold drugs in gay nightclubs in Rio de Janeiro, lured young men to act as pornographic actors in home movies produced by his husband Glenn Greenwald at least between the years of 2004 and 2008.

It was not uncommon to see David and Lacraia at the old gay nightclubs in Rio de Janeiro such as Leboy, The Week, Sauna point 202 and at Sauna 117 in Glória. There is no hiding the past of the young David Miranda, who left the Jacarezinho slum in Rio de Janeiro for Copacabana.

We cannot forget the famous Rua Farme de Amoedo, in Ipanema, where David used to work during sunny afternoons in Rio de Janeiro. With the money from the shows he managed to rent an apartment in Copacabana, a place he shared with transvestites who helped him to sell cocaine and ecstasy in gay parties and in the streets.

The Agora Paraná newspaper talked exclusively with Eduardo Pitbull, a young gay man from Rio de Janeiro who frequented the same places as David and was even invited to act in a pornographic film for a fee of one thousand reais. “At the time it was a lot of money, equivalent to about five thousand nowadays. He invited me several times,” said Eduardo. He also said that if he agreed to act without a condom, his fee would rise to R$1,200. And if he was well endowed, with a penis bigger than 22 centimeters, it would rise to R$ 1400. This was David’s preference, to have well endowed young men to act with. He was a kind of “talent scout” for his boyfriend at the time, Glenn Greenwald, who was responsible for the company Hairy Studs, which started to make films in Rio de Janeiro for the gay pornographic market. Eduardo Pitbull was a young middle-class, handsome, gay man and even had a disagreement with David Miranda at the time, according to him, the reason would be because Miranda hit on his boyfriend at the time inside a nightclub, while offering drugs inside the bathroom.

“Girl, the gringo is paying a thousand reals to make a movie. And without a condom he pays even more,” David Miranda told Daniel SP, one of the youth from the favela who acted in these films. Dozens of low-income youths in Rio de Janeiro were co-opted by David Miranda into the sex market, which Greenwald started in the United States at the Hairy Jocks company. After breaking up with his partner Peter Haas, the Intercept journalist founded his own business in the pornography business, Hairy Studs, which began making films in Rio de Janeiro in 2005. In 2017, in a process that lasted six months, the couple David Miranda and Glenn Greenwald managed to adopt two boys from Alagoas.

The information can be confirmed on this American site about Hairy Jocks and Hairy Studs.

New York Daily News article

Besides the confirmation of the two sources, the report delved into the world of pornography and had access to the films produced by Greenwald, all of them, sex was done without any kind of protection.

Get to know the pornographic films produced by Greenwald in Brazil. In this link, at 2:37, a man with an American accent asks the size of Tony’s penis. Attention, explicit sex scenes.

Pornhub - Scene from Hairy Studs Vol 4 with off-camera interrogation by Glenn.