Well, does he?

Of course not.

Awkward the Pulitzer people even had to address the question.

That Pulitzer Email

Detailed explanation to come, but this is the definitive email.


The Pulitzer website

Where’s Glenndo?

Pulitzer winners 2014 This is not exactly the definitive photograph, but this is on the Pulitzer website, with that caption. Do you really think Glenn would have skipped the awards ceremony if he’d been invited, when he bothered to fly from Brazil to the US for the awards annoucement a month earlier?

“Will you let me hold your Pulitzer?”

Yes, that really is something Glenn tweeted.

So what’s that rabbit about?

Well he really does have a Hugh Hefner award of all his own Who needs a Pulitzer?

He didn’t show up for that ceremony on May 20, 2014, but that’s a whole other story: