This site operated from June 2005 to June 2007 and contains large amounts of text identical to that found on Glenn’s site HairyStudsVideo. Some of the same text also appears in this HX article under the byline “text by Glenn Greenwald”, which explicitly promoted this site as well as its companion site Rio Male Escorts.
David Miranda, Glenn’s husband, is pictured front and center in the header; and also in some versions of the main page above the description which begins: Age: 20 Skin: White
and what is evidently his email address appears on the Contact Us page.
The site was also linked to from other sites belonging to Glenn and Jason, including the early version of the Studmall Blogspot which in turn was reachable from the main Studmall page.

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The material on this page is taken from the Internet Archive, and links to some of the key pages are found in the side-bar. The only changes made have been to address formatting issues (specifically, overtyping) and in a couple of instances replacing missing images with roughly equivalent images from the same site such as where a domaintools screenshot tells us what the missing images roughly looked liked.