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Credibility of BetterCallGlenn articles

Some of the the allegations made on the Brazilian Web Site BetterCallGlenn in 2019 naturally provoke skepticism, and without some further evidence might be dismissed as far-fetched. It is possible the authors - who appear to have interviews certainly key players - had access to such evidence but they did not reveal it.

However the articles are full of many unusual background details which are not publicly known, going far beyond the 2013 NY Daily News article and in places contradicting it.

The details are specific enough that if they were pure invention one would expect some to be disprovable. Some are also so unusual that, if accurate, they are highly unlikely to be the result of mere lucky guesswork.

We have found strong supporting evidence for many of these details, in some cases quite conclusive.

Non-public Background informaiton in BetterCallGlenn allegations.

Assertion Made Evidence Status Notes
Employed undocumented immigrants with poor English, taking advantage of them Max. “Drop the Minder” Likely  
Some Workers were engaged on an ongoing basis rather than the norm of one-off porn scenes. Work included other more general commerical sexual activity("erotic experiments") Max Proven  
Extensively into heavy bondage S/M Reference to keeping slaves Conclusive  
Glenn demanded to be called by an assumed master name, specifially Herr Dom or DomMascHry31 Some evidence in M4M chat including DomBrazHry27 Some supporting evidence  
Commericial offerings involved Cam sex perfomances under Glenn’s directed Advertised on HSV Proven Highly Unusual
Glenn blackmailed Peter Haas None specific, for or against Unproven  
Greenwald dressed as an SS General Obsession with keeping sex slaves and clearly advertising through discreet channels; also painting of Glenn in military uniform (but not SS) exists, which seems odd Unproven. Mild evidence in favor  
Glenn sometimes referred to his performers as slaves M4M chat Proven Highly unusual
Commerical activities involved violent, non-consensual, sex hinted at in M4M forums and theme is present in some porn output from NYC and Sauna Boys 3 Considerable  
Sexual obsession with Nazis No direct evidence, but Glenn was definitely a Nazi defender. Also allegedly claimed by another witness    
Glenn was a terrifying monster but sometimes "practiced sex being dominated and passive" Supported by DataLounge gossip, independent Plausible  
Clients for the business were found in chat rooms admitted by Glenn in Hairwire of M4M very strong support  
Glenn’s aim in Rio in early 2005 was to find Studmall actors Video output in Mid-2005 Proven beyonnd a doubt not at all what Glenn told NY Daily News
Glenn felt he would struggle in Rio in 2005 with full-time assistance of a trustworhy assistant who could recruit and blend in Very very plausible, but something only a gay gringo would know, unlikely to have been invented by a BCG journalist Strong evidence this wasn’t casually invented but not consistent with having David’s full-time support guaranteed  

More details fleshing out this table coming soon.

Some expositions of the reasons we find this site to be credible are on Twitter.

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