Twitter on Glenn is not at all the same thing as Glenn on Twitter.

This is the former.

Links to some relevant Twitter threads. Expect more to be added here very soon.

They do not necessarily link to the start of the thread. If a thread bifurcates a lot, it is sometimes much easier to link to the end and let the reader work backwards.

Glenn’s very revealing 2003-7 account; David Newiwert’s mammoth 110-tweet thread about Matthew Hale; and an alleged meeting on a real beach
A Whistleblower, A Lawsuit, and the great Constance Baker Motley
No Coffee Boy, No Pulitzer and No Place to Buy an Airline Ticket
David's early career.
Repackaged audio from Hairy Studs 4.
Glenn's brief legal career.
How many trips to Moscow?
A long thread from a fan.