RioMaleEscorts is NSFW. RioGayGuides, the companion site, is closer to PG-13.

By request, a listing of the evidence for the ownership of the sites RioGayGuides and RioMaleEscorts.

Note first, by way of background information, that was first registered on June 21, 2005 and first picked up by the Wayback Machine on Decemeber 12, 2005. was first registered on September 5, 2005 and picked up by the Wayback Machine on October 13, 2005. Domaintools reports are available here.

  • Glenn promoted both RioGayGuides and RioMaleEscorts under his own byline in an article published by HX magazine at the start of 2006. Ownership is attributed to a fictional “Curtis Jacobs”, a name which appears nowhere else.
  • The Who We Are page of states

    Our company was started by two Americans who began traveling to Rio several years ago as “sex tourists” … One of us continues to live in the U.S. (in New York City) with frequent trips to Brazil. The other one of us finally stopped resisting, became a fluent Portuguese speaker, and moved to Rio permanently, working on this guide company …

  • This sex tourist description fits exactly with one given on in early 2003, a site known to have been owned by Glenn and Jason. Jason also describes here how he was involved with “helping to launch, market and manage” Unclaimed Territory, Glenn’s political blog with started at the end of 2005 nearly a year after Glenn’s move to Brazil.
  • David Miranda appears pictured in the banner at the top of the RioGayGuides pages and the email address is listed on the contact page.
  • Whereas a review of Diego from 2006 references the DavidM address, a review of Bruno gives as an email address
  • There was a prototype version of RioGayGuides, with large passages of near-identical language - on the HairyStudsVideo website which the Wayback Machine picked up on June 16, 2005. From the home page there are various links at the top even though the images are missing, including to
    • their complicated 5 half-day-unit packages
    • an About page describing one owner’s permanent move to Rio similar to that quoted above from the RioGayGuides site.
    • a so-called Culture page with its patronizingly neo-colonial

      “Ultimately, what will be far more memorable about Cariocas is their genuine festiveness”

    Note that Glenn has never denied co-owning HairyStudsVideo as reported by NY Daily News even though he lies about the extent of his involvement. Amongst a long list of connections, His law firm office address is the address in the Domeain Name Records and it is stated in court records that

    “Greenwald was the only individual with whom Haas dealt with regard to the Agreement and creation of the new video business”.

  • The sites are promoted a great deal on both HairyStudsVideo and Studmall, sites owned by Glenn and Jason (which Glenn has acknowledged); and also on the first version of the StudMall Blog, which itself was linked from
  • In an interview first published by Folha with a translation published by WorldCrunch the third paragraph states:

    Miranda worked on starting a tour guide company catering to gay Americans.

    What does a tour guide company do? It appears that it sold tour guides.

  • Enzuli Corporate Record Enzuli Viagens e Turismo (Enzuli Travel and Tourism) existed for 17 years. It was created jointly by Glenn and David in August 2005 and David’s election disclosures show that David owned 1% of the company, with Glenn owning the rest.
    In 2022 it changed its name to Enzuli Jornalismo Independente.