Who We Are
We are, quite simply, lovers of Rio de Janeiro. Our company was started by two Americans who began traveling to Rio several years ago as "sex tourists". We were quickly blown away by the incomparably hot Brazilian men and sexually liberated at mosphere which make Rio like no other place on the planet.

The more we visited, the more we
fell in love with all parts of the city - sexual and non-sexual - and we have now
made Rio a Central part of our lives. One of us continues to live in the U.S. (in New York City) with frequent trips to Brazil. The other one of us finally stopped resisting, became a fluent Portuguese speaker, and moved to Rio permanently, working on this guide company and providing Western tourists with all os the resources they need to make their trip to Rio be as exciting and as perfect as can be.

Since we maintain offices and staff in The U.S. and in Rio, we are able to provide extremely attentive an responsive customer service both in the U.S. (as you plan your trip) and in Rio (once you're there). We pride ourselves on our customer service-whether you have questions or problems before or during your trip,
our primary service is to do whatever we need to do to ensure that you have a safe, stimulating, and highly satisfying trip.