Gay Rio at Night
The endless options offered by Rio do not end when the sum goes down. For many
visitors to Rio, nighttime is when things really start to happen.

Nightlife for the gay visitor to Rio is often driven by an amazing fact about Brazilian men: they are so sexually open. It is truly rare to find a Brazilian guy who is genuinely "completely straight" - almost every guy is open, under the right circumstances ans with the right "motivation", to having sex with other guys. That means you don't
have to be frustrated looking all day at those amazingly hot guys - you can actually connect with them at night.
Rio has a burgeoning gay scene, centered in the famous neighborhoods os Ipanema and Copacabana. As a result, there is never a shortage of gay hot sports - whether it be the city's sprawling, go-go-dancing bars; its "gay party sports" organized on a seemingly nightly basis in different areas of the City; or the all-male gatherings on Rio's beaches which pop up almost sportaneously. Each of these activities is always filled with on beautiful Brazilian guy after the next.
Beyond this more traditional fare, one of the things that truly stimulates many gay visitors is Rio's gay saunas. There are two types of gay saunas in Rio. One type is the traditional sauna where guys go to find other guys they are attracted to and have sex. The other type of sauna - one devoted to the "working boys (and guys)" - is what many people believe really sets the Rio gay scene apart from all others.

In all of the "working boy/man" saunas, we guarantee you can and will find everything you were ever looking for - and more! Every sauna has "its days" (example: Tuesday & Friday for
for Estaco, Thursday & Saturday for Roger's, etc.). Beginning at 3 pm, the sauna
is brimming with an amazingly diverse array of "working boys/guys" - from 18 year-olde "Twinks" to 35 year-old beefy muscular blue-collar workers, and everything in betweem - all there to meet Western tourists, for anything you want, for as long as you want.

While these sauna bays speak little or no English, trust us: they find a way to communicate with you in a very intense an stimulating manner. The economic difficulties faced by a huge portion of the Brazilian population make it so that all types of guys are woeking in the saunas: in the saunas, we have met straight college kids, married police officers, go-go-boys, bartenders from the big gay bars - all tyoes of guys. Some are gay, some bi, some straight. Some are single, some married. These differences aside, all the guys in the saunas have two things in common: they are outrageously hot Cariocas, and are there to having real, intense, passionate sex with you or spend time with you beyond sex.

And as if all of that weren't enough, the weak Brazilian currency means that you can indulge
in these incomparable pleasures so inexpensively you will not belive it. The standard sauna rate for any guy you want is 50 Brazilian Reals, which, at current
exchange rates, amounts to about US $20. Whether you wants a guy for an hour, a few hours, or a whale night, or even want multiple boys to join you for your own private little party, it is men around the world, this situation is a fantasy - in Rio, it's reality!

Our guides know Rio intimately. They can help you navigate through all of it in a safe, easy, hassle-free
way. Whether it's to bring you to the "right bars" on the "right nights", be you companion at the gay beach parties, or accompany you to the saunas and help you find what you want, our guides know Gy Rio Nightlife intimately, and will be there to use that intimate know ledge for you.