Our Pricing Packeges
Here's how our packeges and pricing work:
You can schedule guide services in the following increments: 4 hours, 8 hours, or 12 hours. We alse offer package rates for multiple days or a Full Week.

The more time you schedule, the lower the hourly rate. But even if you want to schedule a guide for only the minimum time block (4 hrs.), you will be ensured an unparalleled bargain for our services.

We also substantially discounted package rates for those who waant to schedule a guide for larges time blocks such a A Full Week (7 Full Days) or 3 Full Days. Check out our packages below.

You can schedule your guide to bedin at any time you choose on the hour or half-hour on any day beginning at 7 a.m. If you want to keep the guide beyond the scheduled time and the guide is available (which is usually the case), we charge a per hour fee as listed below.

If you've arranged for a guide on the day of your arrival in Rio, of I you book our full week package, we provide complimentary guide time for airport, accompany or hotel, and generally insure a smooth, stress-free arrival in Rio.
Our prices and packages are as follows:
Single day rates
Half-Day (4 hrs)                           $ 55
Full-Day (8 hrs)                            $ 85
Night $ Day (12 hrs)                  $ 120
Per hr. beyond reservation      $ 18.50
Special package rates
The Full Week (7 Full days / 8 hrs. each day) (4 hrs)         $ 495
3 Full Days (8 hrs. each day                                                   $ 230
5 Half-day Units (to be used in any combination)                 $ 215
(exemple: (1 Full Day + 3 half days ) or (1 Night&Day + 1 Full Day)