Stud Mall

Monday, December 12, 2005


Welcome fans and friends of STUD MALL! We have created this blog in order to bring you the latest news and inside scoop in the world of gay porn, and to enable Stud Mall fans to talk to us and to one another about what you like and want more of.

You will find lots of scoops here on our ongoing video productions -- including revealing pics of our latest models in action before their videos are even released!

Being in the porn business, we are privy to all sorts of items and tidbits about the world of gay porn that we will pass on to you here, including hot new releases, info about porn stars, and the water cooler talk about all aspects of gay porn.

If you know of super hot guys wanting to break into porn, or video lines which have yet to find an audience, bring it to our attention here. We want this blog to be a repository for all hot and stimulating matters relating to porn!

And our blog isn't just limited to porn, but will include anything which is hot and sexual, from gay sex travel to hot new websites and other sex and porn blogs. We want to do to blogging what we are doing to the world of porn -- make it hot, real, hard-core, and intense.

Even we right now don't know about a lot of what we will end up doing here. That's because we want this to be an open, evolving place that enables other lovers of gay porn to congregate, talk about and find whatever it is that you want.

Welcome to the latest STUD MALL creation: STUD MALL - The Blog.