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Confess your paranoia and stupidity


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Where are all of you who spent the last year making the most inane, paranoid predictions and self-serving, delusional proclamations ever? Now that you have been exposed as absurd clowns, where are all of you who made these predictions? Shouldn't you be coming forth and confessing your idiocy?


Here are my favorite ones. You know who you are who spittled these up. Come and confess your error. Isn't that what you keep saying Bush should do - admit error? Erroneous ones, confess thyself!:


(1) Bush would cause a terrorist attack on the United States shortly before the election in order to ensure his victory.


(2) Bush would take Osama bin Laden out of the cage they were secretly keeping him in right before the election and parade him around to ensure he would win.


(3) Bush had a secret plot all along to drop Cheney from the ticket by claiming "health reasons" and replacing him.


(4) Farenheit 9/11 would change the world - and would be the guarantee for Bush's defeat.


Come out, come out wherever you are. Own up to your idiocy and paranoia. Embrace your dishonesty and blindness and sickness. It is the first step - your only hope - for a cure.

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