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Some Insight Into Log Cabin Republicans


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A former President of the Houston Log Cabin Republicans has been charged in the shooting death of one Broward County Sheriff’s deputy and the wounding of another. The officers, who were part of a kiddy porn task force, were shot as they attempted to serve a search warrant to Wilk on the morning of August 19....


Ex-Log Cabin Republican president remembered as ‘wild hair’


By Jone Devlin

The Texas Triangle




...Officers at the scene said Kenneth Paul Wilk was being investigated for “the sexual exploitation of children and related activities.” The investigation was part of an ongoing undercover operation targeting suspected child predators on America online. Wilk had even listed “hunting cops” under the hobby section of his AOL profile.


Wilk had clashed with the police in 2001, when his long time partner, Kelly Ray Jones, was arrested on charges of child pornography, solicitation and drug possession.


Several months after Jones arrest, the detective that arrested him received an email message, which read in part “I will hunt you down the rest of my life…. I will be the last person you see on earth.” The email was traced back to Wilk, who was charged with retaliation against a witness and threatening to do bodily harm.


Jones was released in June but was arrested again on July 15 of this year, charged with two felony counts of selling child pornography over the Internet.


It is the arrest of his longtime partner that appears to have pushed Wilk over the edge. On July 16, Wilk was charged with harassment after calling one of the witnesses against Jones and leaving a telephone message in which he pleaded “Don’t kill my lover, don’t kill my partner.” Wilk then showed up in person at the man’s house, prompting him to file a police report.


After Jones arrest, Wilk was also heard bragging that the police hadn’t gotten all the child pornography in the house. Thus officers put together another search warrant, and when they came to execute that warrant, they found Wilk waiting for them with a hunting rifle.


The officer killed, Deputy Todd Fatta, was wearing a bulletproof vest, but authorities say it was no match for Wilk’s hunting rifle. Another deputy, Angelo Cedano, was injured in the hand and arm.


Wilks was removed from the scene smiling, and continued to smile through his mug shot, though he later told officials he had AIDS related dementia and blamed that for his violent outburst.


Jones meanwhile, called reporters to his jail cell but on advice from his lawyer declined to comment on the case. He did issue a statement through his lawyer that Wilk was “gentle and kind.”


Wilk served as President of Houston LCR in the early ‘90s, however, an anonymous source told Advocate.com that Wilk’s tenure was short-lived. “He was so bad that they impeached him. He was quickly removed from office by the same people who put him in because he was such a wild hair. He’s clearly a nitwit, and it’s just not fair to Log Cabin [that he is associated with them].”


Shari Goldsberry, current President of LCR Houston, declined to comment when contacted by The Triangle, but longtime Houston GLBT activist Ray Hill says he remembers Wilk well. “He was a gun advocate, he believed in the theory that queers should arm themselves. He and I went round and round about this.”


But Hill does not believe, necessarily, that it was fear of losing his longtime partner that caused Wilk to react violently to police. “This is a man, a conservative right wing Republican, who was a gun nut, and he was constantly being pushed away from the very people he wanted to be a part of.”


Hill went on to say that according to his recollection, Wilk was actually removed as President of LCR Houston not because he was a “wild hair” but because he was a “kingmaker that wouldn’t let the other members participate in his kingmaking.”


Hill also believes that Wilk’s defense that he was suffering from AIDS dementia at the time of the shooting will not hold up in court. “There are people walking around who have tried and failed to use AIDS dementia as a defense for lesser crimes, so I doubt that it will work for murder.”

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RE: Some Insight Into Black Men




Woman robbed in Kmart parking lot


A woman was robbed at gunpoint in a Kmart store parking lot in Monroeville on Tuesday, police said.


Monroeville police Lt. Dave Palermo said the robbery occurred at about 10:45 a.m. in the parking lot along Mall Boulevard. The robber, described as a black man in his 30s who was wearing a head scarf and driving a black, older-model Grand Prix with red and white license plates, drove alongside the woman and demanded her purse. The victim, who had two children with her, at first refused but complied after the man showed her a black handgun, Palermo said,


No one was injured, and the robber was last seen headed toward Oxford Drive, police said.

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RE: Some Insight Into Democrats


Jul 30, 2002


The Associated Press


- Rep. Charles Diggs Jr., D-Mich., was convicted in 1978 of operating a payroll kickback scheme in his congressional office. He served seven months of a three-year prison term. He was re-elected, then resigned in 1980.


- Rep. Michael Myers, D-Pa., served 20 1/2 months of a three-year prison sentence for accepting bribes from FBI agents impersonating Arab businessmen. He was convicted in 1980 and expelled from Congress.


- Four other House members were convicted in the Arab businessmen bribery scandal: Democratic Reps. John Murphy of New York, Frank Thompson of New Jersey, John Jenrette of South Carolina and Raymond Lederer of Pennsylvania. Thompson and Murphy were sentenced to three years; Jenrette, two years; and Lederer, one year.


- Rep. Mario Biaggi, D-N.Y., was convicted in 1988 of extorting nearly $2 million from defense contractor Wedtech Corp. He resigned from Congress and served two years and two months of an eight-year sentence. He was defeated for re-election in 1992.


- Rep. Mel Reynolds, D-Ill., was sentenced in 1995 to five years in prison for having sex with an underage campaign worker. He resigned from Congress, then was sentenced in 1997 to 6 1/2 years for bank fraud and other violations. The second sentence, which was to run at the same time as first, was commuted in 2001 by President Clinton.


- Rep. Walter Tucker III, D-Calif., was sentenced in 1996 to two years and three months in prison for accepting and demanding bribes while mayor of a Los Angeles suburb. He resigned from Congress a week after his 1995 conviction.


- Rep. Dan Rostenkowski, D-Ill., pleaded guilty in 1996 to two felony mail fraud charges, lost re-election and served 15 months in prison. Clinton pardoned him in 2000.

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RE: Some Insight Into Gay School Teachers


Former teacher convicted

of attempted molestation




DOVER, N.H. (AP) -- A former English teacher at exclusive Phillips Academy was convicted Monday of trying to molest a 12-year-old boy and possessing and exhibiting hundreds of cut-and-paste child-porn photos.


A jury deliberated 9 1/2 hours over two days before convicting 59-year-old David Cobb, who was fired by the prep school in Andover, Mass., after his arrest last summer.


Cobb had no comment as he left the courtroom. His lawyer said he will appeal.


Judge Joseph Nadeau revoked Cobb's bail and set sentencing for June 12. The prosecutor asked for a psychological evaluation to support his request for longer-than-usual sentences. Cobb could be sentenced to hundreds of years in prison.


Cobb was arrested Aug. 22 in Farmington walking with a 12-year-old boy. Police say he offered the boy $20, purportedly to help some retarded children at his camp change out of their sandy bathing suits. Cobb later acknowledged there was no such camp. He was convicted of attempted sexual assault.


When Cobb approached the boy, he had a knapsack containing a pumpkin mask, a pay list for favors, children's underwear, a Polaroid camera and hundreds of what he told police were his "fantasy photos of his naked camp."


Cobb was convicted of 321 child pornography charges based on the photos he made by cutting pictures out of pornographic magazines and superimposing children's faces from clothing catalogs.


Of the 321 charges, 53 were felonies for showing dozens of the pictures to a 13-year-old boy about a week before his arrest. The rest were misdemeanor possession counts.


Prosecutors have said there is no evidence of any misconduct by Cobb involving students at Andover, where he taught for 27 years.


The prosecutor in New Hampshire, County Attorney Lincoln Soldati, said he will seek an extended sentence. ''As a parent, I don't know what greater nightmare a parent could have than a stranger approaching your children,'' he said.


Each of the felony charges normally carries a sentence of 3 1/2 to seven years. The misdemeanors are punishable by up to a year in prison. Soldati said he would instead seek 10- to 30-year sentences on the felonies and two-year terms on the misdemeanors.


Cobb's lawyer, Cathy Green, never denied he approached the boy in Farmington, nor that he had a knapsack full of photographs, underwear and the mask. The defense argued that the photographs weren't pornographic and that Cobb had no intention of assaulting the boy.


But Soldati cited the list titled "Pay Scale for Pumpkin" in arguing that Cobb meant to molest the boy. Among the acts on the list: "lotioning," an apparent reference to sexual massage; "assisting in urination"; and "allowing Pumpkin to lotion you" both with or without underwear.


No evidence came out at the trial that any of the sex acts were performed.


At Phillips Academy, Cobb was a respected English teacher known for his clothes, ranging from designer suits to motorcycle leathers, and his black BMW motorcycle. A 1994 GQ magazine profile called him "the Natty Professor."


Sometimes he appeared in class dressed as Jay Gatsby or other literary characters.

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Must be something in the water here in Florida, Rush L. is a drug addict.


The Bush Twins are criminals and addicts.


The President of the Log Cabin Republicans is a Child Porn dealer and Cop killer.


Doug, I think you should stay out of Fl., you might catch what all the Republicans are getting down here.:p

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RE: Some Insight Into Gay School Teachers


Where in this article does it say this teacher is gay? I believe it's been proven time and time again that heteroxexuals are much more likely than homosexuals to be child molesters, is that not the case?


Anyway your blind fury in posting this has if nothing else had the happy effect of furthering the myth that gay men = child molesters.



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RE: Some Insight Into Black Men


Millions of Blacks were killed, raped and kidnapped during slavery.


Blacks and other civil rights activists were hung, tarred, beaten.


Native Americans lost their land and resources to Whites.


Whites killed millions of Jews during WWII.


You really should be careful about talking about what one race or the other does.


There are good people and bad people in all races.

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