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A Liberal Can Win

Rick Munroe

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The one thing that I read about Dean in those articles which impressed me was this:


<<Peter Hart of the media watchdog group Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting sees a subtler dynamic. The problem for Dean, according to Hart, is something like the problem Al Gore faced in the last election. Reporters just don't like him much. Indeed, Dean had a reputation in Vermont for being impatient and sometimes downright rude. Newsweek recently ran a piece that described Dean getting annoyed and sarcastic with members of the national press corps.


"He doesn't seem to like journalists, and the feeling is mutual," Hart says.>>


As far as I'm concerned, a willingness to express genuine dislike for the propogandized idiots who form the American media, and to provoke recipricoal dislike from them, is a commendable attribute.

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